Timeless Fashion | Our Heritage Brand Launches a New Collection of Scarves

Timeless Fashion | Our Heritage Brand Launches a New Collection of Scarves

At Jacqmar, we’re delighted to be launching our new collection of bespoke silk scarves, each designed to celebrate the history of our brand.

Keep reading to discover more about our new collection and the significance they hold to our heritage brand:


Heritage Brand | Jacqmar Scarves

Since launching in 1932, Jacqmar has been dedicated to creating high-quality silk scarves that have been appreciated by thousands of people including celebrities and high fashion connoisseurs for 90 years.

After years of hard work and dedication, we’re delighted to share the launch of our latest silk scarf collection. You can find these in our online boutique store - the first new additions to our collection in many decades.


The Collection Created by Our Heritage Brand

Woven from the finest silks, our latest collection breathes a new lease of life into our heritage brand, seamlessly combining comfort, quality and style.

A unique and comfortable fashion accessory, our new collection offers the iconic print of our first London store on Grosvenor Street, complemented by the colours fuchsia, orange and navy to create a high fashion statement piece that commemorates our heritage brand.


Our New Collection | Comments From Our CEO

Regarding our new collection of hand-made silk scarves, our CEO, Dr Sasha Pick said: “We’re enormously excited to release the first Jacqmar scarf collection in more than 30 years - a move that further builds on the reputation of an iconic mid-20th century fashion staple.

“The heritage of the brand is inescapable and an intrinsic part of the essence of Jacqmar. However, our approach is very much modern and forward-thinking, with our ultimate goal being to bring women joy through our designs, while creating iconic items that showcase pride in our British heritage.

“Through our new collection of silk scarves, we hope to introduce a new generation of customers to enjoy the quality and eye-catching design that’s synonymous with Jacqmar.” 

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